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Please sign our Petition and support the hard work of everyone involved. Thank you.  This petition was started by 13 year old Rebecca Still. 
Please sign the Petition and ask your family and friends to sign and their families and friends.

­                                     Target: British Government

We have already delivered over 13,000 signatures to Downing Street and the Rt.Hon. Greg Mulholland has Presented our Campaign to Parliament requesting a lowering of the Drink Drive Limit, Longer Sentencing to deter people from Drinking and Driving, and for Driving Licences to be revoked immediately. As a family we are continuing to Campaign and will be working with BRAKE       

When my brother was 16 he was knocked down and killed by a drunk driver!  He was on  the pavement and his friends had to watch

The guy who ran my brother over was twice over the limit and didn't lose his driving license until 8 months afterwards and didn't go to prison for 9 months after the manslaughter, which is what it was, but he was only sentenced with death caused by dangerous driving, how is this fair?

His sentence is only for 4 years in prison but might be let out after 2 years for good behaviour.

The sentence isn't harsh enough for what he did.

If he was caught drink driving but hadn't killed anyone he would have lost his licence at the scene but because he did kill someone it took 8 months for the licence to be taken away from him. 


On the evening of the 31st December 2010 Sixteen year old Jamie and three of his friends decided to go down to the local Chinese for some Prawn Crackers. On their way home and while crossing the road they became aware of a speeding motorist, Jamie ran to the footpath, but the driver lost control of the vehicle and mounted the pavement and hit Jamie leaving him dying. Jamie was rushed to hospital, and Karen his mother was with him when he died, but none of the family made it in time to say their last goodbyes.

Not only was the driver speeding but he was twice over the Legal Drink Drive Limit. It transpires that the driver had just come from the local garden centre that was closed at the time, and he and his friend had been doing handbrake turns in their car park.

His girl friend that had earlier been with the driver was so concerned she had rang him 12 times just prior to him hitting Jamie asking him not to drive, and she may even have been on the phone when the driver hit Jamie.

With the law as it stands the driver was first sent to Magistrates Court but due to the offence this was transferred to Crown Court. At the first hearing at Crown Court the driver had the opportunity to plead guilty but choose not to do so. When he next appeared in Court on the 11th August 2011 he did plead guilty and only then as part of the bail conditions was his licence taken away. In September the driver was sentenced to 4 years this was after he had time deducted for pleading guilty and a year off as he had sent the courts a letter to say he was “sorry”, but he has never said sorry to the family, so how is this fair and just. With good behaviour he may serve less than two years. 

Jamie’s mother Karen said she was going to try and do something even if it only stopped one family going through the pain we as a family have suffered, and BBC Look North reporter Ian White asked if she would be part of the anti drink campaign prior to Christmas.

This was very emotional for her to do, and when asked by her daughter Rebecca what more she intended to do she replied nothing at the moment maybe next year when I feel stronger I will get involved in something.

In January off her own back Rebecca decided to start the petition.  Already Rebecca and Karen have appeared on BBC Look North and ITV Daybreak and now The Rt.Hon. Greg Mulholland MP for Leeds North West has backed the petition and has raised the matter about the driver being able to retain his licence until he pleaded guilty and the Prime Minister has promised to look into this.  


Our first target is to ensure that the Driving Licence is automatically suspended as a condition of bail. Once we have 10,000 UK citizen signatures we are going to take this to Downing Street and we have the backing of The Rt. Hon. Greg Mulholland MP, and BBC Look North reporter Ian White has said he would try and cover the story.

We also want to lobby for Zero Tolerance and Longer Prison Sentences to be imposed but we need a real change of attitude by the Government but by people showing their support we can hopefully achieve this.

Mrs Strong's local MP Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland said he supported the aims of the online petition.

"In the case of this particular kind of serious offence, where someone has lost their life through drink-driving or driving under the influence of drugs, it frankly seems common sense that they should not be allowed to drive until the case has been heard," he said.

The Rt. Hon. Greg Mulholland MP for Leeds North West